Groundwater Wireless Monitoring System
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1.  Problems to be solved

As a rare resource in the world, groundwater is the main source of water used in our industrial production and daily life. Now it faces difficulties that the amount of groundwater is urgently decreased because of the large number of people, its scattered position and water waste as well as water pollution which leads to problems like ground collapse, dryer lake and so on.

The need to monitoring the groundwater is becoming very essential for we human being to have better use of water.

Groundwater Wireless Monitoring System


2.  Solutions we provide

Micro Sensor offers customers a wireless monitoring system for remote monitoring and controlling. It is designed relying on the GPRS wireless network to monitoring groundwater wireless which the level, water temperature, water quality can be measured for a long time and all the data will be saved automatically and transferred to the database with graphs and curves generated for customers to use.

This system is low-cost and integrated benefits including data collection, net transmission, platform monitoring and management service.


3.  The system Topology of Groundwater Monitoring System

The system Topology of Groundwater Monitoring System consists of sensing, transmission, and system application. The main products include Internet remote server, Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal, level&temperature&water quality transmitter, power supply, and System integration box.

We offer an MS6000 system with solar-powered including solar battery board, accumulator as well as the solar controller for those local sites where nobody on duty for a long time.

topology of grounwater wireless monitoring system 


4. Products and Platform Involved in this System

    4.1 Product powered by battery- Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal.

    It connects to level transmitter and temperature transmitter with 0~200mH2O range and 0.25%FS accuracy optional.Earth1006 terminal operates as a part to collect and transfer data.

    4.2 Product powered by Solar—MS6000 Hydraulic Monitoring System

    MS6000 Hydraulic Monitoring System consists of an Earth1000 GPRS data terminal unit, solar controller, solar battery board, and accumulator.

remote monitoring


    4.3 Sensor Data Platform

    It runs in both PC as well as mobile phone, customers can use it to monitor data in real-time, check history data in curves and graphs.


5. Application Case

Case 1Water Pressure and Flow Monitoring in Water Supply Pipeline

Water Pressure and Flow Monitoring in Water Supply Pipeline

Case 2: Urban Rainfall Sewage Monitoring

Urban Rainfall Sewage Monitoring

Case 3: Deep Well Monitoring of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) 

Deep Well Monitoring of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)

6. Contact Us

We have a professional R&D team, capable of providing you customized solutions according to your unique requirements. Feel free to contact


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