Pressure Sensor and Transmitter for Medical Ventilator System
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Pressure Sensor and Transmitter for medical ventilator system

The COVID-19 epidemic is now spreading dramatically around the world and threatens the health and life of many people. Like other related viruses such as SARS and MERS, the new coronavirus attacks and damages the lungs of patients, and it is stretching health care resources in many different ways, but there's a key piece of equipment getting a lot of attention: ventilators.

The medical ventilator plays a key role in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, especially for ones hospitalized in ICU. Although there are many types of ventilators, their principle is generally the same. It helps move air or oxygen into the lungs and takes carbon oxide out, which helps patients' lung function when their bodies are fighting the infection.

Inside the medical ventilators, there are types of sensors to monitor pressure, oxygen, flow and humidity, etc. Pressure sensor and transmitters for ventilators are needed for oxygen and air pressure control to ensure the ventilator work safely and smoothly.

Micro Sensor manufactures the pressure sensors and transmitters that may be used in medical ventilator system to help control air or oxygen pressure.

Products for Medical Ventilator System

Customized Pressure Sensor

Customized Pressure Sensor

Pressure range: 7Kpa, 20Kpa, 35Kpa up to 100Mpa

Power Supplier≤2.0mA DC≤10V DC

OutputmV, digital

Working Temp-40 ~ 125

Non-Linearity (Typ.): ±0.15%FS

Pressure Sensor for Oxygen Pressure Measure

Pressure Sensor for Oxygen Pressure Measure

Oil-filled: Fluorolube

Pressure range: 0…35kPa~3.5MPa

Power Supplier: 24VDC

Output4~20mA: 0~5V, IIC

Application temp.: -30℃ ~80℃

Accuracy: ≤0.50%FS

Explosion-proof optional

Besides mentioned above, there will be more different requirements for specifications and functions. Custom design is available. Feel free to contact us via or leave messages to us and our team will reply you within 24 hours.


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