Pressure Transmitter Specialized For Oxygen Pressure Measurement MDM4901FL
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Pressure Transmitter Specialized For Oxygen Measurement

1. Background

Oxygen-O2, colorless and odorless gas, is the most abundant element on the surface of the earth. It is essential for most living life on earth.

There is 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. We humans can distract oxygen by liquefying air and apply it in industries like aerospace, energy, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutics, and water treatment, etc.

environment protect

Except for the compressed oxygen, oxygen is not an inflammable or explosive gas, but it is combust-supporting ordinarily. The combustible in the uncleaning metal surface will weaken the system that the oxygen may lead the system on fire or explode. This is an unacceptable risk in the medical and pharmaceutics industries.

For company user, a proper instrument for oxygen measurement is very important. It helps to level up the safety grade and reduce the time and economic loss which is caused by maintenance.

2. Product Solutions

Pressure Transmitter for Oxygen Measurement MDM4901FL

Different from other pressure transmitters that are filled with silicon oil, MDM4901FL oxygen pressure transmitter is Fluorolube® oil-filled and it is designed according to the requirements of oxygen pressure measurement to keep the product clean at the same time.

The main component of Fluorolube® oil is inactive and flameless CTFE which features high-temperature stability, good lubrication, high dielectric strength, high density, low compressibility and nonpolar, etc. By applying the Fluorolube® oil, helps to prevent oxidation reaction between oxygen and silicon oil and therefore prevent explosion efficiently.

3. Contact Us

There will be different requirements for pressure transmitters for oxygen pressure measurement according to the different local situations. Micro Sensor has a professional R&D team and experienced engineers as well as sales, ready to offer you customized service. Feel free to contact us and leave messages.


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