Smart Monitoring Water Supply Network in Water Management
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Through the introduction of the last two articles, you must have a more detailed understanding about the smart monitoring solution of the water supply network. In this article, let us check how the entire system is applied and built in the actual water management case.

 water management

Project Introduction

Customer A is one of the key water supply companies in Baoji City. The service area of the water supply network covers 76 square kilometers in the urban area. It mainly undertakes urban water supply in the Weibin District, Jintai District, and High-tech Zone of Baoji City and supplies 260,000 cubic meters water daily (including Shitouhe Water Plant 80,000 cubic meters), serving a population of 530,000.

As the population continues to grow and the urbanization rate gradually increases, in the original water supply network monitoring framework, problems such as declining water quality, unstable water supply network system, and lag in monitoring and data leakage have gradually emerged.



1. The water quality status of the water source area affects the safety of water supply, so real-time monitoring is urgently needed to ensure the timely control of the water quality situation.

2. Abnormal operation of the water supply network, such as changes in the water source, expanded water supply range, and large changes in pressure of different water supply, etc., causing the water supply network to be unstable.

3. Problems such as water supply leakage and damage, private use, and water theft cannot be accurately located.

4. The status of the pipe network cannot be used for early warning of a pipe explosion, and the fault location cannot be quickly determined.

5. Small number of monitoring equipment on-site cannot meet the data amount needs.

6. The on-site environment is quite complicated and the installation requirements in the special underground environment are difficult to achieve.

After on-site investigation and deep communication with customers, we customized the design, deployment, and installation of the smart monitoring solution of the water supply network and to meet customer A’s actual needs based on the existing infrastructure.

The water supply monitoring solution is comprehensive contains water sources, water plants, water pipeline networks, and user-side water meters, which covers multi-directional monitoring systems such as pressure, flow, water quality, water plant operation, and water meter data, etc.

water management system

The Comprehensive Water Supply Pipeline Monitoring Solution

Pipeline Operation Status Monitoring:

The whole pipeline network monitoring is composed of multiple underground monitoring units (Click for the underground monitoring unit of the pipeline network). In this project, more than 40 sets of monitoring equipment have been installed underground, covering more than 100 kilometers of pipeline network, involving the three districts of Jintai, Weibin, and Hi-tech. Now the project is still in progress.

underground installation siteunderground installation site

(picture of underground installation site)

Water Plant Monitoring:

Through the wireless monitoring terminal, the real-time data is uploaded to the big data platform, so that the water company can carry out summary monitoring and statistical analysis of the overall production situation of the water plant (including factory water flow, turbidity, pH, residual chlorine, DO), and can carry out classified summary statistics and historical change trend analysis of each production index.

Water Plant Monitoring siteWater Plant Monitoring wireless RTUWater Plant Monitoring site calibrationWater Plant Monitoring site

Besides macro monitoring, it can also implement specific business analysis for the water plant. In this way, it can effectively assist the supervisors to conduct a comprehensive supervision of the water plant in a point-to-field combination to ensure the normal production and operation of the water plant.

underground water pipeline monitoring


Community Calibration:

Through the data monitoring of the calibration gauge, customers can check the monitoring of the leakage of the community pipe network, and the leakage loss can be effectively reduced within a certain range.

Establish A Smart Water Supply Big Data Platform

Deploy a customized water's exclusive smart water supply big data platform. Based on the "one platform, multiple business applications" principle, it integrates water supply data and digs water supply data deeply, realizing real-time monitoring and management of the entire water supply process from water source monitoring to faucet management. Use the publicity system to ensure the safety of residents' water use.

the smart water supplies big data platform

(the smart water supplies big data platform) 


1. Based on the multi-feature fusion pipeline state early warning mechanism, it realizes the functions of pipe network pressure, flow, water quality warning, pipe explosion warning, etc. The warning accuracy rate is not less than 85%.

2. Obtain the latest leakage point situation in real-time which speeds up the leakage point repair and can effectively reduce the leakage of the pipeline network and save a lot of water resources.

3. The system implements grid-based dynamic partition pressure monitoring and management, so that the pressure of the pipeline network runs in the most economical working range, achieves better energy management effects, saves energy, and reduces consumption. It helps the operation department to manage the pipeline network better.

4. Through the construction of the platform, it simplifies the data transfer period and improves the reliability of the data. The company's operation and management costs have been reduced, and its work efficiency has been significantly improved.

The products used in this project include wireless monitoring terminals, pressure transmitters, liquid level transmitters, flow meters, etc.

cost-effective level transmitter MPM4893W

pressure transmitter MPM4893

electromagnetic flowmeter MFE600


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