How Does Wireless Monitoring Solution Help to Prevent Flood In Extreme Weather?
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How to prevent flood with instrument?

Extreme weather has become increasingly prominent in recent years. In summer, heavy rains occur frequently and always last for a long time, causing river overflows. If the flood discharge is not timely, flood disasters will occur and cause serious endanger to lives and property

There are a large number of rivers in China, and the geographical situation is complex. Many small and medium-sized rivers have a low capacity for flood control and are easy to break once heavy rainfall comes. In order to ensure flood control safety and strengthen river management, more and more wireless monitoring systems are used for river water level measurement.

remote monitoring device for flood prevention


1. There are many small and medium rivers, and the remote rivers have low flood control capacity.

2. Inconvenient traffic, inconvenient for the field survey

3. The alarm is not timely, and it cannot be prevented in advance.


The "River Water Level Wireless Monitoring System" is one of the most important rivers channel flood control methods. It is composed of the sensing layer, the transmission layer, and the application layer based on wireless communication technology.

Sensing layer: It consists of sensors such as tipping bucket rain gauge and ultrasonic level probe, which are mainly used to sense water and rain.

Transmission layer: It consists of the Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal, used to collect water rain information and send it to the server wirelessly.

Application layer: It refers to a big data platform and seamlessly connected third-party platform (for example mountain flood disaster warning information release platform).

Once the system detects that the river level rises to the alarm threshold, an email will automatically push the alarm message to the bound mobile phone, thus providing first-hand data for the emergency office to achieve effective management of flood prevention.

topology of river water level monitoring system

Besides, due to the difficulty in power supply on the site of the river, the Earth1006 needs to be solar-powered. It is equipped with a 30W solar panel and a 15AH battery to report the water and rain data to the monitoring center in real-time.

The on-site monitoring equipment is installed in one pole. In order to save transportation costs, the installation poles are designed and assembled according to the specific conditions of each reservoir.

Combined with the big data platform and the wireless remote monitoring terminal, it realizes the comprehensive functions of collecting, storing, alarming, and transmitting the river water and rain information.


installation of river water level monitoring system


River Water Level Wireless Monitoring System:

It can help the water conservancy department to obtain the water level information of the river channel in time, and gain valuable time for flood prevention work.

The onsite installation, solar power supply, and wireless remote transmission technology can reduce manual inspection times, solve the water monitoring problems of remote rivers, and improve the level of flood prevention information.

The application of the river water level monitoring system has played an outstanding role in flood control in the rainy season in recent years and has won a good reputation from customers.

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Flood and natural disasters are inevitable. The earlier the surveys are taken and the prevention measures are taken, the fewer losses caused by disasters. Comprehensive flood control and disaster prevention monitoring system enables the river and dam staff to comprehensively monitor the water potential and make preventive preparations in advance.

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