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    MFE600E Electromagnetic Flowmeter Applied in Reclaimed Water Treatment

    MF600E electromagnetic flowmeter ​is used for the measurement of liquid in the process of high concentration reverse osmosis membrane and the flow measurement of finished liquid water after the completion of water production.

    2020-06-18 09:40:39  |  Детали >
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    Upgraded Electromagnetic Flowmeter MFE600E

    Micro Sensor provides a new high-performance, high-value, high-capacity MFE600-E series electromagnetic flowmeter.

    2020-06-11 08:12:15  |  Детали >
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    Water Supply Pipeline Monitoring System

    The intelligent monitoring solution of the Water Supply Network is made based on the actual needs of water supply management and combines various sensors and cloud platforms, big data, and other cutting-edge technologies.

    2020-05-29 07:43:51  |  Детали >
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    IoT Wireless Control Data Platform

    Our sensor data platform serves for monitoring terminal products like pressure sensors, level sensors, etc. It can show site data in curve or table format.

    2020-05-21 08:18:52  |  Детали >
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    Pressure Sensor and Transmitter for Medical Ventilator System

    Micro Sensor manufactures the pressure sensors and transmitters that may be used in medical ventilator system to help control air or oxygen pressure.

    2020-04-03 11:25:32  |  Детали >
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    A COVID-19 Update to Our Customers and Partners

    We were experiencing a serious spreading of COVID-19, however, none of our employees and their families were affected, and none of people in Baoji where our headquarters located in were affected.

    2020-03-24 12:10:09  |  Детали >
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    To Customers

    Our sufficient inventory of pressure sensors and transmitters will be supplied to the companies in priority that respond to the COIVD-19 epidemic request.

    2020-03-13 09:40:37  |  Детали >
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    Micro Sensor Supplied Pressure Sensors and Transmitters for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital

    Micro Sensor Supplied Pressure Sensors and Transmitters for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. fighting against the COVID-19 virus together.

    2020-02-11 07:59:00  |  Детали >
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    Back to Office Notice

    Recently, the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus in Wuhan is touching. In order for better epidemic protection, we will return to office till Feb. 10, 2020 instead of Feb.3,2020 in accordance with the requirements of the local government on the delay in resuming work.

    2020-02-03 06:29:00  |  Детали >
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    IoT - Wireless Remote Monitoring

    Micro Sensor offers a series of IoT remote monitoring devices such as wireless pressure sensor and transmitter, remote monitoring unit as well as data transmission platform.

    2019-11-29 07:36:00  |  Детали >